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Photo of the book The Creator Revolution: How Today's Creative Talents Are Shaping Our Tomorrow

When author Catherine Yeo started publishing content online nearly a decade ago, she was stunned when she learned she could build an audience of hundreds of thousands and make money from the venture. While she didn’t realize she was a creator then, Yeo did recognize the impending movement and power content creation had on our future.

The Creator Revolution: How Today’s Creative Talents Are Shaping Our Tomorrow examines the historic rise of digital content creators and their impact on transforming both our present and our future. You'll hear incredible stories about creators such as...

  • Issa Rae, star and co-creator of HBO’s Insecure, who launched her filmmaking career on YouTube.
  • Claudine James, a teacher who went from instructing twenty-two students in her classroom to over 3 million on TikTok.
  • Ryan Kaji, who earned $30 million in 2020 as a nine-year-old creator and entrepreneur.
Today, over 50 million people consider themselves creators and more than 200 million pieces of content are published every minute. Yeo predicts a new golden age of opportunities as our technological world continues to evolve. Welcome to the Creator Revolution — we are only just beginning.


The Creator Revolution offers a comprehensive breakdown of the content creation landscape and how you can create to your advantage. An illuminating book written by a very impressive young author.”
— Chade-Meng Tan, New York Times Bestselling Author of SEARCH INSIDE YOURSELF and JOY ON DEMAND

“This book is a tell-all look at the power and impact of content creation. Catherine Yeo reflects our new reality where creators have the ability to reach an audience and create a genuine relationship that inspires them in many different manners.”
— Jade Darmawangsa, YouTuber and CEO of X8 Media

“I highly advise anyone who has an interest in how to turn the internet into a world of new opportunities to get this book, sit down, and take notes, because you will want to hear what Catherine Yeo has to say.”
— Jonathan Rosenberg, Advisor to Alphabet Inc. and New York Times Bestselling Author of HOW GOOGLE WORKS and TRILLION DOLLAR COACH

“In The Creator Revolution, Catherine Yeo strikes the perfect balance between practical and profound. She explains how online creators connect with their audiences (practical!) and how they are reshaping our culture as they build a new passion economy (profound!).”
— Tom Eisenmann, Professor at Harvard Business School and Author of WHY STARTUPS FAIL

“This book shows how the creator phenomenon is broader than a new form of media or entertainment. Catherine explores how creators are a new form of digitally-native work and online self-expression, reinventing what a career can be and unlocking creativity.”
— Rex Woodbury, Partner at Index Ventures

“Content creators are Gen Z's celebrities. They're defining culture and trends at a pace we've never seen before... The Creator Revolution shows that it's impossible to ignore their role on society today and where the world is moving.”
— Meagan Loyst, Founder of Gen Z VCs

"If you are looking for a definitive guide to how digital content creation works, then this book is for you. The Creator Revolution will take you on a detailed and revealing tour of the creator landscape."
— Sandy Lin, TikTok Creator and Founder of Creobase


This book is divided into three sections:

  • Part I: “Societal Shifts” illustrates the rise of creators and examines how content creation is transforming the future of work, commerce, education, and media.
  • Part II: “Self-Made Success” focuses on different methods by which creators are revolutionizing themselves, such as opening new doors, building their own businesses, and creating representation in media.
  • Part III: “Challenges and Opportunities” explores issues creators currently face and proposes potential solutions and approaches to address them.


Catherine Yeo is a creator, entrepreneur, and investor who studied Computer Science and English at Harvard University. By the age of fifteen, she accumulated a following of hundreds of thousands for her online content and turned content creation into a business. Over the years, her writing has spanned fiction, technical blog posts, personal essays and, now, The Creator Revolution: How Today’s Creative Talents Are Shaping Our Tomorrow. Her work has previously been featured in Teen Vogue, Los Angeles Times, NBC, and other publications.

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