Impact & Community Projects

Fair Bytes

Nonprofit advancing AI fairness & ethics education through byte-sized content, education, and community, reaching 25,000+ individuals since its launch.

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The Bay Area's first all-female high school hackathon. Introduced 750+ high school women to CS & entrepreneurship since founding.


Harvard's annual hackathon, held with 600+ attendees globally.


The ultimate virtual hackathon -- built with love by 6 Ivy League hackathons, joined by 3000+ attendees from around the world.


The digital dorm made for students by students. Join thousands of students on Sesame today!


The Valentine's Day matchmaker for college students. Grew to 40,000+ students at 29 universities in 2020.


Defining and Evaluating Fair Natural Language Generation (2020)

Catherine Yeo, Alyssa Chen
Proceedings of the The Fourth Widening Natural Language Processing Workshop at ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics)

CONVO: What does conversational programming need? (2020)

Jessica Van Brummelen, Kevin Weng, Phoebe Lin, Catherine Yeo
IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC)

Polynomials That Behave Like The Riemann Zeta-Function (2017)

Dean Cureton*, Catherine Yeo*

Awards & Press

In the Media

• Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences (2020): Virtual Hackathon Yields Real Solutions
• Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (2020): Diversifying the Future of Artificial Intelligence
• Pixel Journal (2020): Exploring Ethical Technology with Catherine Yeo
• AI For Anyone (2020): Fair Bytes: Algorithmic Fairness and Ethics in AI
• Los Angeles Times (2020): Recounting the 2020 School Year
• The Harvard Crimson (2019): Hundreds of Students Spend Weekend Coding at HackHarvard’s Fifth Annual Hackathon
• Teen Vogue (2018): This 16-Year-Old Started Her Own Hackathon for Girls in STEM
• Mogul (2017): 50 High School Students You Need to Know About
• Expii (2016): Top Score Tuesday: Catherine Yeo


• Pear VC Garage Fellowship (2020)
• SOMA Capital Fellowship (2020)
• Contrary Talent Community (2020)
• Harvard CS Special Commendation for Extraordinary Teaching (2020)
• Rewriting the Code Fellowship (2020)
• NCWIT Change Leader Scholarship (2020)
• Harvard SEAS Grace Hopper Celebration Scholarship (2019)
• Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship (2019)
• Raytheon-FIRST Robotics Scholarship (2018)
• AI4ALL Future Leader in AI Research Fellowship (2018, 2019)
• She++ #include Fellow (2017)
• Spirit of Ramanujan Global Math Talent Search Fellowship (2017)
• Apple WWDC Scholarship (2016)
• NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Bay Area Winner (2016)
• NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Honorable Mention (2015-17)

Talks & Podcasts

• AI4ALL (2020): Invited speaker on fairness in language generation research
• GirlsCodeMonth's Datathon (2020): Invited keynote speaker on fairness and ethics in AI
• Machine Learning Engineered Podcast (2020): Catherine Yeo: Fairness in AI and Algorithms
• Major League Hacking's HackCon (2020): Accepted speaker for Beyond the Stats: Promoting Diversity & Retention Behind the Scenes
• Invited panelist at AI4ALL, Princeton, Stanford, Codefy, STEMS, and more