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Photo of the book The Creator Revolution: How Today's Creative Talents Are Shaping Our Tomorrow

The Creator Revolution: How Today’s Creative Talents Are Shaping Our Tomorrow examines the historic rise of digital content creators and their impact on transforming both our present and our future.

You'll hear incredible stories about creators such as...

  • Issa Rae, star and co-creator of HBO’s Insecure, who launched her filmmaking career on YouTube.
  • Claudine James, a teacher who went from instructing twenty-two students in her classroom to over 3 million on TikTok.
  • Ryan Kaji, who earned $30 million in 2020 as a nine-year-old creator and entrepreneur.
There's a new golden age of opportunities as our technological world continues to evolve. Welcome to the Creator Revolution β€” we are only just beginning.



πŸ‚ 2022.09.12 β€’ Reflecting Upon My Book Release, 3 Months Later [Substack]
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⏳ 2020.07.09 β€’ Should You Take A Gap Year During COVID-19? [Medium]
πŸ’» 2020.03.31 β€’ All the Blue Light We Cannot See [The Harvard Crimson]


πŸ‘Ύ 2022.08.17 β€’ Web3 Gaming & Play-to-Earn Economics [Mirror]
πŸ‘₯ 2022.08.10 β€’ Creator-Community Memberships: From Web2 to Web3 [Mirror]
πŸ”­ 2020.01.27 β€’ Night and Day (Science Fiction) [Harvard Tech Review]

AI & AI Ethics

🐘 2022.07.14 β€’ Interview: Responsible AI with Anna Bethke [Fair Bytes]
πŸ” 2022.05.09 β€’ Similarity-Based Image Search for Visual Art [Towards Data Science]
πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βš–οΈ 2022.03.23 β€’ Interview: AI & Criminal Justice with Julia Dressel [Fair Bytes]
🎨 2021.12.14 β€’ Neural Style Transfer Across Artistic Styles [Medium]
πŸ€– 2021.10.26 β€’ Interview: Robot Ethics & Design with Shalaleh Rismani [Fair Bytes]
πŸ‹ 2020.08.13 β€’ Explaining Machine Learning Predictions and Building Trust with LIME [Fair Bytes]
πŸ”₯ 2020.07.16 β€’ Machine Learning’s Obsession with Kids’ TV Show Characters [Towards Data Science]
πŸ–Ό 2020.07.01 β€’ We Need to Change How Image Datasets are Curated [Fair Bytes]
πŸ“š 2020.06.24 β€’ Reading List for Fairness in AI Topics [Fair Bytes]
βš–οΈ 2020.06.17 β€’ New Way to Measure Crowdsourcing Bias in Machine Learning [Fair Bytes]
πŸ‘“ 2020.06.10 β€’ Why We Need AI Literacy [Fair Bytes]
πŸ€” 2020.06.03 β€’ How Biased is GPT-3? [Fair Bytes]
🏫 2020.05.27 β€’ Best K-12 Resources to Teach AI Ethics [Fair Bytes]
πŸ”­ 2020.05.20 β€’ What is Transparency in AI? [Fair Bytes]
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦½ 2020.05.13 β€’ NLP Bias Against Disabled People [Fair Bytes]
πŸ’« 2020.05.05 β€’ Fair Bytes: A Deeper Lens into Fairness in AI [Fair Bytes]

Impact & Community Projects

Fair Bytes

Organization advancing AI fairness & ethics education through byte-sized content, resources, and community, reaching 25,000+ individuals since its launch.

COVID Vaccines Info Guide

One-stop source that helped thousands of Americans book & receive their COVID-19 vaccine. Featured in NBC, Harvard SEAS, and The Crimson.


The Bay Area's first all-female high school hackathon. Introduced 1000+ high school women to CS & entrepreneurship since founding.


Harvard's annual hackathon, held with 600+ attendees globally.


The ultimate virtual hackathon -- built with love by 6 Ivy League hackathons, joined by 3000+ attendees from around the world.


The digital dorm made for students by students. Used by 2,000+ users at its peak.


The Valentine's Day matchmaker for college students. Grew to 40,000+ students at 29 universities in 2020.


Defining and Evaluating Fair Natural Language Generation (2020)

Catherine Yeo, Alyssa Chen
Proceedings of the The Fourth Widening Natural Language Processing Workshop at ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics)

CONVO: What does conversational programming need? (2020)

Jessica Van Brummelen, Kevin Weng, Phoebe Lin, Catherine Yeo
IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC)

Polynomials That Behave Like The Riemann Zeta-Function (2017)

Dean Cureton*, Catherine Yeo*



β€’ We Are Family Foundation's Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader (2021)
β€’ Harvard Business School & School of Engineering Roberts Family Technology Innovation Fellow (2021)
β€’ Pear VC Garage Fellowship (2020)
β€’ SOMA Capital Fellowship (2020)
β€’ Contrary Talent Fellowship (2020)
β€’ Harvard CS Special Commendation for Extraordinary Teaching (2020)
β€’ Rewriting the Code Fellowship (2020)
β€’ NCWIT Change Leader Scholarship (2020)
β€’ Palantir Women in Technology Scholarship (2019)
β€’ Raytheon-FIRST Robotics Scholarship (2018)
β€’ AI4ALL Future Leader in AI Research Fellowship (2018, 2019)
β€’ She++ #include Fellow (2017)
β€’ Spirit of Ramanujan Global Math Talent Search Fellowship (2017)
β€’ Apple WWDC Scholarship (2016)
β€’ NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Bay Area Winner (2016)
β€’ NCWIT Aspirations in Computing National Honorable Mention (2015-17)

Speaking Highlights

Panelist & Public Speaker

Given 40+ talks, panels, & podcast interviews about my book, entrepreneurship, creator economy, AI, and my story

Asian Hustle Network

Invited speaker about my personal journey, my book, and what the hustle spirit means at age 20 [Podcast Episode]

Influencer Marketing Lab

Invited speaker about my book, digital creators today, and what's next for the creator economy [Podcast Episode]


Named Gen Z Creator of the Week. Discussed book takeaways, the writing + marketing process, & Asian American representation [Article]

Network Capital

Invited speaker about my book, the creator economy, and what successful community building looks like for creators

Digital EdVentures

Invited keynote speaker for student conference set in the Philippines about "TikTok & The Creator Revolution"


Invited keynote speaker on fairness and ethics in AI at a data science conference for 300+ middle & high school women

Delta X Podcast

Invited podcast speaker about ethical algorithms & my personal journey in tech [Podcast Episode] [Newsletter Recap]

Machine Learning Engineered

Invited podcast speaker on my journey in tech & AI fairness [Podcast Episode]